7 Essential Oils for Anxiety

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• • •   Calming essential oils for anxiety can soothe racing thoughts, overall stress, tight muscles, and panic attacks.   Stress and anxiety are part of life—and some years, we really get a doozy of a dose. Fortunately, there’s a powerful, natural tool that can help us cope...

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5 Tips to Support Change With Flower Essence Therapy

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♥ After several intriguing exchanges abroad, a woman named for a fragrant plant embraces the power of flower essence therapy.   I was walking through the grand bazaar in Marrakech, Morocco, and savoring its vibrant personalities, colors, and aromas. I was in my twenties and struggling to decide whether or...

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Essential Oils For Skin Cancer Prevention

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Essential Oils For Skin Cancer Prevention ↓ Essential oils have been produced and utilized by many cultures around the world for centuries. Their applications have varied from religious ceremonies to personal aromatic therapies and most importantly, traditional healing. It's not entirely clear at which point in history...

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