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Charcoal: A New Way To Detox

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Charcoal’s millions of tiny pores have the strength to capture and remove toxins, increasing energy and overall well-being. HEAL Charcoal is getting all the hype right now. It is more than deserving, because it is a very strong absorber. When something absorbs, it essentially works like a magnet. Charcoal is...

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Want to Eat Mindfully? Remember the BASICS

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Want to Eat Mindfully? Remember the BASICS ↓ Six steps to prime your mind for savoring your next bite—chicken nugget or kale. ↓ BASICS is an acronym for a complete set of guidelines that walks you through the eating process from beginning to end. These are not rules and...

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9 Health Benefits of Brown Rice According to Science (+5 Brown Rice Recipes)

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Rice conjures up different images for different people. Some may think of a nice white rice ball steaming next to a set of chopsticks. Others might picture the long black and brown grains of wild rice, and the infuriating amount time it takes to cook...

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