10 Cognitive Distortions That Contribute to Anxiety and Depression

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♠ Discover common and harmful cognitive distortions, how they work, and why they are misleading.     Sometimes, we think about ourselves and our lives in ways that are pretty illogical and even unfair to ourselves. We make interpretations about what’s happening that are twisted and misleading, but we...

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How Abdominal Massage Supports a Healthy Cycle and Manages Anxiety

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♠ Abdominal massage is a global practice that supports womb health and total-body healing. Learn how this practice can help manage anxiety and support a healthy menstrual cycle.     The abdomen is very rarely touched in a typical massage. However, abdominal massage is an ancient practice of healing,...

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Pregnant During a Pandemic

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Pregnancy naturally causes anxiety—then tack on a pandemic. Writer Julie Peters shares her journey and how working on stress-management skills helps.     You’re facing the big question: when (and whether) to have a baby? Then, you’re in the right situation, you feel ready, everyone is on board...

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How to Relax When Seeing the Dentist

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    Dr. Ross Chiaramonte on overcoming dentist phobia. Sponsored Content from Reputation.CA     Dental phobia or odontophobia is estimated to plague as many as 35 million Americans, according to the 2012 book The Fearless Smile: Overcoming Dental Phobia. The anxiety generated from booking an appointment and visiting a dentist...

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3 Powerful Practices to Free Yourself From Overwhelm

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♦ While the chaotic feeling of overwhelm has been normalized—it isn’t “normal.” Here are three ways to overcome the frenzy of your busy schedule and the constant feeling of overwhelm.     I had just finished a dizzying round of work deadlines, responsibilities for my kids’ school, and a...

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Self-Care Guilt (And Why You Should Let It Go)

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Feeling guilty about not practicing enough self-care or like you’re not doing it right? Go ahead and take these off your list of things to worry about.       We’re living in difficult times. There’s COVID itself and the many losses that have come with it. There’s burnout...

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