The Best Things in Life are Free (5 Nutrition FREEBIES)

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The Best Things in Life are Free (5 Nutrition FREEBIES)

“Every time I visit, I spend about half my paycheck,” a friend told me, referring to a popular Los Angeles gourmet grocer well known for fabulous grass-fed beef, wild salmon, organic everything, and top-notch prices to match.

Fast, lasting fat loss and maintaining a healthy life needn’t become expensive. In fact, I’m going to confess the best-kept secret among nutrition and fitness specialists: Some seriously effective ways to become healthier and get fast, lasting fat loss are free. You can put your wallet and credit card away.

 Here are my five faves to become lean and healthy without spending a penny.

  1. Burst training. Designer gyms and one-on-one trainers add up fast. Burst training provides a fast, convenient alternative to get a kick-ass, fat-blasting workout without equipment or draining your savings account. One study found burst training creates “significant reductions in total body fat” and demands more post-exercise recovery, making you a better all-day fat burner.  A hotel stairwell or park hill become among the many places to do burst training, no membership necessary. Fast Blasts combine burst training with weight resistance in just eight minutes, and – speaking of free – you can grab a FREE one here:
  1. SleepEven one night’s poor sleep can knock numerous fat-regulating hormones out of whack. You become a cranky caffeinated mess and more vulnerable to overpriced high-sugar impact fat crashers. Aim for seven to nine hours of quality, uninterrupted sleep every night to feel refreshed, focused, and optimally burn fat. Prepare for sleep: Turn off electronics about an hour before bed, practice deep breathing or meditation, and allow your mind and body to unwind.
  1. Stress. Studies show chronic stress can stall fat loss and create weight loss resistance. Unwinding needn’t cost anything. Deep breathing or meditation can help you de-stress, and some community centers provide free yoga classes. Even if you’re walking your terrier around the block, determine what works for you to reduce stress levels and prioritize it.
  1. Water. It’s not sexy, but filtered water could be your magic bullet to crush hunger and cravings. One study found just eight ounces of water before meals created greater fat loss compared to people who didn’t drink water.  Another showed two glasses of water before every meal helped people lose an average of 15.5 pounds.  And a University of Washington study found drinking eight ounces of water at bedtime can shut down your evening hunger pangs. Follow these studies and keep a nearby canteen filled with filtered water to crush hunger and cravings.
  1. Mindfulness. Many less-than-ideal eating decisions occur when we’re stressed, tired, semi-inebriated, or otherwise not completely in the moment. One study concluded mindfulness-based eating among women created “significantly greater reductions in BMI [body mass index]” compared with those who didn’t engage in mindfulness.  Difficult as that might become in our check-my-iPhone-every-two-minutes society, slowing down and staying present could be your key to fast, lasting fat loss.
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