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Since its launch in spring 2017, NV has attracted a worldwide fan base for its flawless, long-wearing coverage, convenient application, and youth-enhancing formula. Jeunesse has created blogs, video tutorials and marketing resources on our innovative line of aerosol makeup, but to showcase how real women use NV, Jeunesse sent NV Primer, NV BB Perfecting Mist Foundation, and NV Bronzer, along with the NV Puff and the NV Headband, to beauty and lifestyle influencers.

What are beauty and lifestyle influencers? Influencers range from professional makeup artists to self-made experts and are respected for their opinions about a variety of makeup and self-care products. Viewers from cultures around the globe tune in to beauty vlogs to hear firsthand what influencers think about newly released products. In a way, influencers have become the modern word of mouth, making recommendations and giving tips about how to use beauty products.

Jeunesse partnered with beauty and lifestyle influencers of varying skin types and tones to gather an array of perspectives on NV. Demonstrating different methods of application and how to use each NV product, influencers showed how versatile the makeup line can be. To highlight these influencer-made videos and social media posts, Jeunesse will bring you an NV blog series that features videos, in-depth detail about NV’s features and how you can use this content to build your business.

These marketing assets will be an excellent resource with which to engage your social media followers and help them understand how to use NV and realize its maximum benefits. Be sure to continue to follow our blogs about the NV influencer campaign. Through the series, you’ll learn new selling points about the makeup line and have access to ready-to-use, shareable content that will help you become a leader in your market.

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