Beating the Common Cold Around Babies, Toddlers and Kids — Oh My!

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Two weeks into pre-school and I’m already feeling sick. My throat is itchy, nose is running and I’m sneezing in multiples of three, every 15 minutes. Yes, I blame those adorable, germy two-year-olds! I knew pre-school was going to be a petri dish, I just didn’t think I would get sick so soon.



How do you prevent and handle getting sick in your house? I’ve already been downing vitamin C packs every few minutes, but not sure how healthy that is. Can you overdose on vitamins? Oh yes, and complaining. Lots of complaining going on.


One of my mom friends is actually a doctor — yes, a hypochondriac’s dream come true, and she recommended I take 600 milligrams of ibuprofen every day to feel better so I can function. At least that’s what she does. She also recommends drinking a lot of water and having patience. If only that came in a pill. The truth is that there is no cure for a cold and all we can do is alleviate our symptoms.


I’m also big on Eastern medicine and holistic treatments, so I asked some non-medical experts for some advice here is what I discovered:


Ayurvedic Approach
An Indian doctor I love told me to take ginger tea with black pepper, lemon juice and one tsp honey 3-4 times a day. She also said to take hot steam and add a few drops of tea tree oil. Also, she recommended rubbing warm sesame oil with a few drops of tea tree essential oil on my chest and back.

Oregano it Up
My neighbor swears by placing Oil of Wild Oregano under your tongue. She says its a powerful natural antibiotic if you can bear the taste. They should carry Oil of Wild Oregano at any health food store.

Natural Oils
Another friend who is a hypnotherapist says that DOTerra has a blend called On Guard which is great. They have a lozenge, oil, capsules and even a foaming hand wash. She also makes chicken broth and adds a whole clove of garlic to it to make a garlic soup. That helps ward off the germs (and everyone else).

However, the nanny from Jamaica in our playground, recommended I mix some honey, lime, and rum or gin for some “real nice relief.” I think that’s my favorite remedy yet!   Get better soon!  Original Article by Mommy Writer

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