Bean Soup with Quinoa

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Living in Ontario, I get very serious about stretching out warm weather as far as I can. I savor the tomatoes and juicy stone fruit, stay out in the sun and drink iced tea to my hearts’ content.

Alas, at a certain point, you have to accept the change of seasons, the turning leaves, and the chill that makes you pull out your woolies and put the kettle on. Life goes on and autumn is here.

Chilly days for me mean a craving for warming foods that I feel deep in my bones. Listening to my body and its little cues makes me feel pretty darn good, so when it’s calling for a steamy soup, I get to work.

When I’m making a large batch of soup for lunches throughout the week, I turn to broth-based soups that I can fill with heartiness. Grains and clean proteins like beans and lentils fill me up in these one-pot-meal affairs.

I load this soup with some end-of-season veggies, lots of quinoa and creamy white beans, a hefty chop of herbs on top and some kale in the mix for vitamins and color. This soup is nutritionally complete and filling on its own, so I love making heaps of it to freeze for later.

The tomato plants are giving their final push of fruits so I throw those into the pot before the frost snatches them up, but canned chopped tomatoes would work well too. Our planted thyme and rosemary seem to endure the chill pretty well, but dried herbs taste great too. Scale the amount back to about 2 tsp total for both if using dried.

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