Your Relationship Patterns Could Be Related to Your Attachment Style

Can Anyone Improve Their Own Well-Being?

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  Research from the Center for Healthy Minds is addressing the recent decline in well-being by proposing a training-based framework for “the cultivation of human flourishing.”     When the US Census Bureau surveyed people in December 2020, more than 42% reported symptoms of anxiety or depression, an...

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Schedule Your Worry Time: Simple Postponement Steps to Reduce Anxiety

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↓ Studies show that picking a time and a place to fret reduces anxiety. Try this postponement exercise to manage your worry time.     Are you a worrier?   Worry is intimately linked with experiences of anxiety, poor sleep, and even with physical health problems—and it’s not hard to see why. When...

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The Air We Share

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As our air becomes more polluted, healthy breathing habits are becoming even harder to establish.     Everybody breathes. We are born, in most cases, with the capacity to breathe in ways that nourish our bodies and minds. When we are breathing well, breath enters the body with almost no...

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Out to Lunch

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↓ Having a mindful lunch is not the same as eating lunch.     A number of religious traditions promote the practice of pausing and reciting prayers at certain times of the day—typically morning, noon, and evening. I grew up in such a tradition, and I remember hearing the...

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Can a Detox Feel Worse Before It Feels Better?

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  Don’t Give Up in a Healing Crisis     A detox can bring past symptoms to the surface. Listen to your body and your practitioner to work through the detox healing crisis to attain balance.   If you’re planning on detoxing or have just started, your body may experience what is known...

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