Anti Aging Secrets for Youthful Beauty and Vitality

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Anti-Aging Secrets
for Youthful Beauty and Vitality

The best anti-aging secrets are simple and inexpensive. We live in a world that likes to bombard consumers with complicated and costly treatments that promise to restore our “forty-something” bodies to their “twenty-something” appearance.

While these advertisements and crafty marketing schemes may make us a little nostalgic for bygone days, they also leave us cringing at the huge price tags and potential side effects of buying back our youth.

Expensive pills, harsh skin treatments, and even plastic surgery are becoming more popular, but the obvious – or maybe not so obvious – question is, “what did people do before all this “breakthrough technology”?

Was everyone a scary mass of wrinkles by age forty? Of course not. And, the truth is, we don’t really look younger today than people did fifty years ago (Unless you’ve had plastic surgery, of course).

So, unless you are willing to go under the knife, the best anti-aging secrets lie not inexpensive treatments and complicated regimes, but in the basics that have existed for generations.


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Simple & Affordable Anti Aging Secrets

You know the saying, “Everything old is new again”?  Well, that can apply to health and beauty as well. When people in their eighties, nineties, and even those over 100 are asked their secrets to long life and vitality, their answers are usually things like an active lifestyle, healthy eating, stress management, or a positive attitude.


So, could it be that the best anti-aging secret is really to keep it simple? Forget buying hundreds of dollars worth of supplements or undergoing risky surgery. Get back to the basics and adapt a lifestyle that encourages youth, beauty, and vitality.


Some people are fortunate enough to have the “youth gene” – you know, those men and women who look 30 when they’re 50.

Unfortunately, for those of us whose gene pools don’t contain the fountain of youth, we have to commit to following a few tips that will keep the signs of aging at bay for as long as possible.

  • Anti-Aging Exercise:
anti aging exercises for extra vitality

The best way to be fit and look young is to stay active. Anti-aging exercises include balance exercises, strength training, cardio/aerobic activities, and yoga. It is important to build strong muscles and bones, keep our heart healthy, and stretch our bodies so we can fight the stiffness and soreness often associated with growing older.


  • Anti Aging Diet:
healthy variety of vegetables

A well-balanced diet should give your body everything it needs to stay young, strong, and healthy. Unless you have an allergy or intolerance, there really isn’t any need to load up on supplements when food is the best way to meet your body’s requirements.


The vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other nutrients found in fruits, veggies, whole grains, and healthy proteins, are great tools for building supple skin, shiny hair, and lean muscles. On the other hand, white sugar will weaken collagen and cause wrinkles, caffeine will dehydrate the skin and decrease the efficiency of organ function.


Fried or fatty foods can cause free radical damage that accelerates the aging process. The bottom line: certain foods age us and others help keep us young. So, eat good foods, avoid bad foods and you will feel better, look younger, and live longer.


  • Simple Skin Care:
anti aging secrets like skin care is important

At some point in your life, you have probably been talked into expensive 5-step skin care programs that involve WAY too much time and commitment.

But, according to many dermatologists, most wrinkles are caused by three things: sun exposure, lack of moisturizing, and squinting. So, 1) wear a hat or use a good sunscreen, 2) smear coconut, olive, or sesame oil on your body, and 3)  invest in a pair of sunglasses.


  • Stop Stress:
yoga warrior ll pose

Some people argue that stress is the number one cause of premature aging. So, learn to relax. Get a massage, take a hot bath, join a yoga class. Most people who understand anti-aging secrets – and have lived the life to prove it – will say that staying young is not just about taking care of our bodies but also about focusing on our minds and spirits.

Excessive stress can cancel out many of the benefits of healthy eating and exercise, so we need to master the ability to let things go and taking one day at a time.


  • Proper Sleep:
get proper sleep to fight anti aging

The technology was supposed to make life easier, but for some reason, we seem to be busier than ever. How did people do it without dishwashers and microwaves? The unfortunate result of a busy lifestyle is a lack of sleep.


Sleep deprived people feel older, look older, have less energy, get sick more often, and are more prone to mood swings such as depression and bursts of anger. If you want to look and feel good, get 8 hours of sleep a night and in the morning, the face you see in the mirror won’t be quite so weary.

Anti-Aging Secrets

With our busy lives, we often say that we don’t have time to exercise, make healthy meals, or relax in a hot bath. But, the truth is that these things will keep us healthy and give us more energy to deal with the demands we face every day.


It would probably take you 20 minutes to complete that 5-step skin care program each morning  anyway, so invest that time at the gym instead. Looking and feeling younger doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.


All it takes is a commitment to get back to the basics – exercise, eat right, reduce stress, get some sleep, and find a reason to smile. The best anti aging secrets aren’t really secrets at all, and when you begin to apply them to your life you will find that the fountain of youth just might not be as elusive as you once thought.

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