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Hanamel is the Founder of ZoeSuccess Marketing. In her role as Vice President of Market Development and Client Relations, Hanamel prides her success on understanding her clients’ needs, and therefore achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction possible.

With a strong background in relationship-building focused Human Resources/ Business Professional, Hanamel utilizes her broad-scoped experience in providing advanced human resource services to assigned client groups. Her special expertise in the areas of recruiting, employee relations, benefits assistance, and performance management built the foundation of where she is today.

Hanamel’s groundwork began with a strong leadership background. She has a blend of experiences in the areas of: Business Strategy & Communications, Mergers & Acquisitions, Governance & Compliance, HRIS Systems/Technology, Executive Compensation and Benefits, Recruiting/Training & Development, Down-sizing & Multisite Management, and Change Management/Process Improvement.

Hanamel holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration (1976-1979) and a Master’s Degree (1980-1986) in Human Resources from Trinity College & Univ

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How Food Affects Your Stress Levels—Both Good and Bad

How Food Affects Your Stress Levels—Both Good and Bad If you fuel your body with nutritious, vibrant foods, it’s better equipped to rally in your defense. We know...

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24 June