Pitta Bread Pizza

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Pitta Pizza title


Pitta Bread Pizza.


I recently picked up some Pitta bread from the supermarket because I had one of those massive cravings for warm pitta bread and hummus- the winter months, just make me want to throw away the traditional sandwich at lunch time and reach for something that little bit more filling and warm and cosy, and just something that is going to excite for- even just for a little bit during these drag cold, long days!

So anyways- yeah. I got some pitta- which is when it sprung to me, why not combine my love for pizza, with the pitta I’ve got just sitting here?

And create the ultimate Pitta Pizza.

Pitta Pizza 2

Pitta Pizza’s are just incredibly easy- very very adaptable to everyone’s taste and literally are like that little bit of lunch time fun, without hardly any work at all.

I’m all about that food porn, with the least amount of effort put in. But never sacrificing on flavour. Which is why I opt for a Garlic oil base before my tomato puree, added toppings and finishing it off with some dried rosemary- and serving it with two different types of dip. Beetroot and Mint and Garlic and Chive. No Chicago pizza with ketchup here. It’s a little bit more classy- well as classy as a pitta bread can be.

Pitta bread (white or whole-meal)
Olive Oil
Garlic/Garlic Puree
Tomato Puree
Dried Rosemary
Salt and Pepper

To Serve:
Beetroot and Mint Dip/ Garlic and Chive Dip (I picked these two up at my local Asda- I love just having dips ready to go in my fridge. Feel free to make your own!)

Pitta Pizza 4

Lightly brush some oil, salt, pepper and garlic over the base of your pittas.

Squirt some tomato puree and gently spread that over the top of the oil.

Add your fillings. (Be as rustic or as precise as you like!)

Top with cheese, and dried rosemary.

Drizzle over a little bit more of your garlic oil and pop in the oven at 180 for 4/5 minutes, or until you cheese is melted and toasted to perfection.

Remove from the oven and top with a dollop of each dip.

and Enjoy.

Pitta Pizza 3

I really believe the garlic base just sinks into the pitta bread more than just tomato puree could, so it adds that nice bite and moist flavor into the base. The beetroot dip for me just adds such a sweetness that counteracts and balances out all the heavier and strong flavours. I need to create a recipe for this one, and make it myself as I am obsessed with it. So I will definitely share that all with you when I have perfected it!

What toppings would you put on your Pitta Pizza?!

by: Amanda Bootes
Pizza queen.

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