7 Reasons to Take Up another Job – Unrelated to Money

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7 Reasons to Take Up another Job – Unrelated to Money

Having a side job is usually just a logical decision if you need some extra money. But having this other job may also lead to exhaustion and frustration when everybody around you is having a day off and you have to work. However, what happens if you actually don’t need that extra cash? A side job is still a good idea and it’s even better since you know you’re not depending on it, but there are 7 great reasons why you should still take up another job.

1. It lets you follow your passion or use other skills

It’s highly unlikely that your only skills are those you use at your present job. We often have passions well outside our area of expertise that we either leave to sit or we use them for our hobby. But why not make that hobby or that skill into another job? You know how to play an instrument? Join a band. You love taking photos in your free time, try turning into a part-time artist. It will give you a sense of purpose and the extra money you earn from it will make you feel valued for something you thought was just for fun.

2. It lets you acquire more skills

You don’t have to stay inside your comfort zone for this other job. In fact, try and get another job that has nothing to do with the one you’re doing right now or anything you were schooled for and trained for. This side job is an excellent opportunity to build your skills and develop more useful skills that can help you in the future. Your resume and your opportunities will grow immensely from having not just one area of expertise, but two or more. The skills you gain will come in handy sooner or later, whether it’s in your current job or if you decide to look for another one.

3. It lets you find new passions and opportunities

Many people are stuck doing dead-end jobs, sitting in their crowded offices with no sense of purpose or fulfillment. It’s difficult to get out of such a job, but it’s not impossible. By finding another job, you can open yourself up to more opportunities. You can find something that really fulfills you and something that could be your next career. Before changing your life completely, you may get a side gig to try if your other passions could turn into something serious or not. And the best part is that you can keep trying new things until you find the right one – and then switch to another career path.

4. It lets you work on your time management skills

Of course one of the greatest concerns of those having or planning to get another job is the lack of time. How are you going to fit your full-time, your part-time, your social life and maybe some sleep into the equation? Well, that’s what you need to figure out. People will often wonder how you manage to squeeze in both jobs into your schedule and still stay sane and have some free time as well, but you will get the satisfaction of knowing how well you can organize your time. Just make sure you don’t overwork yourself and start neglecting your personal life.

5. You get better at both your jobs

This is especially true if your two jobs are somehow related. If you need to use the same or similar skills in both your jobs, you will soon bring them to perfection because you will learn different things at different jobs, but you will also be able to apply your new knowledge everywhere. Even if you’re a teacher during the day and a bartender during the night, and your two jobs have no obvious connection, there are going to be some things you will be able to use at your other job. You will improve your communication skills, manage your time better and overall get more experience in a shorter period of time.

6. It can work as overtime

This may not work in all cases, but in some jobs you will actually be able to do one job at your other job – and get paid for both. For example, your other job may require lots of sitting and waiting in between customers (such as a store or a newsstand), which is the time you can use to answer your emails, work on your writing or just do research for a project you’re doing in your main job. Similarly, if you’re a part-time babysitter, you can use the time when children are sleeping to catch up on your other work.

7. It lets you expand your network

We can’t stress enough how much a great network is worth in the business world. Knowing the right people can help your career immensely, regardless of already having a job or looking for one. But imagine doing two jobs and knowing double the people you would normally meet. It opens a lot of doors and possibilities in the future and it doesn’t hurt your social life either. Enjoy getting to know these people and try to learn something from everyone who has more experience than you. You never know when you may need it.  By Happy Lifestyle Journal

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