7 Plants to Keep in Your Bedroom to Sleep Better

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7 Plants to Keep in Your Bedroom to Sleep Better

House plants can have amazing health benefits. They add color to the room, as well as a sort of a positive attitude – who feels bad in nature? Plants can make us feel connected to nature and bring some peace into our minds when we’re nervous. They filter the air in your home and make it fresher and more pleasant for breathing. If you choose the right plants, they can also help you sleep better during the night and relax you. We are usually told that we shouldn’t keep plants in our bedroom because they consume lots of oxygen during the night but don’t produce any. In fact, they engage in respiration, and a product of that is carbon dioxide which can be harmful to you if you breathe it in for long periods (such as a night of sleeping). However, the following plants are an exception, and they will not only leave your oxygen for you to breathe but will also improve the quality of your sleep and help you wake up feeling rested in the morning.

1. Jasmine

Many of us keep jasmine-scented air fresheners around because this plant smells so good. But what few people know is the fact that jasmine can also be used as a sleeping aid, and not only in the form of tea. The Wheeling Jesuit University’s study showed that simply by keeping jasmine in your bedroom, you can sleep better. This plant has a positive effect on your nerves (i.e. helps calm them), and mood (when you wake up, you’re more cheerful and energetic).  Jasmine also improves the aesthetics of your bedroom, as its flowers are so beautiful. However, don’t be surprised if your jasmine doesn’t blossom – it doesn’t always happen – but it always works wonders when it comes to sleep. Another positive thing about this house plant (or should we say ‘bedroom plant’?) is that it is much easier to maintain than many other house plants.

2. Lavender

Here’s another plant that not only smells amazing but also helps you sleep better. Lavender is commonly used as a natural remedy for numerous aches and ailments, but it also serves as a fragrance for soaps, shampoos, and even scented clothes. It can deodorize your closet if you put a few flowers in a bag on a hanger and leave it there. If you suffer from insomnia, lavender can help you fall asleep and stay asleep, as well as reduce the levels of anxiety. Just smelling it can soothe you and even sedate you. Keeping it in your bedroom can prove to be very beneficial for your sleep, as well as your overall peacefulness.

3. Snake plant

Although its name may sound vicious to some, this plant is actually one of the best you can keep in your home. It doesn’t cost much, it’s very easy to maintain (so even those who are not great with plants can keep it without worrying it will die) and it is great for improving the quality of air in your home. In fact, NASA has listed the Snake plant as one of the 12 best plants for improving the air. This plant can help you sleep well and wake up feeling rested and energized every morning.

4. Gardenia

Gardenia jasminoides is a very beautiful plant, which can be said to be as effective as sleeping pills. Keeping this wonderful plant in your bedroom will ensure your good night’s sleep. However, maybe it wouldn’t be so healthy to keep it in your bedroom every night, as you may get used to it, and then when you have to sleep somewhere else, you may be unable to sleep so well. One German study found that the flowers of Gardenia have the same effect as valium, and only smelling it can relax you and make you less active. This may also be the reason not to keep it in a room where you’re working, as it may slow you down and make you sleepy.

5. Aloe Plant

The Aloe plant is used for various health purposes, and it has on many occasions been proven to heal and rid the body of toxins. It is commonly used in facial and body creams as well as in some medications. But its health benefits don’t stop there. Aloe plant can actually clear the air of chemicals and purify it in your bedroom and throughout the house. One plant is powerful enough to clean the air of an entire house. If the plant gets brown spots, it means that it has soaked up lots of chemicals and toxins from the air. Cleaner air means better sleep (as well as better overall health), so keeping aloe in your bedroom can benefit you in several ways.

6. English Ivy

English Ivy is the sort of plant that can survive in moderate temperatures and exposure to light. According to NASA, it is one of the best plants when it comes to purifying the air, and it also absorbs formaldehyde, making the air in the room much healthier to breathe. Keeping this plant in your bedroom can help you fall asleep more easily and sleep better than you usually would.

7. Red Edged Dracaena

This plant looks very beautiful, and it can be kept in any room in the house as a decorative plant. Who would have thought that such a simple-looking house plant could be so beneficial for your health? It actually has air-purifying properties and it can clean your home of formaldehyde, xylene, and trichloroethylene – all of which are health-threatening toxins. As it makes the air cleaner, it also helps you fall asleep easy and stay asleep through the night. Fresh and clean air has always been the best thing for a good night’s sleep, and all of these plants ensure that the air in your home gets cleaned.  By HappyLifestyleJournal

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