3 Foods You Should Throw Away Forever

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Unless you want to be ill and die young.

Life expectancy is going backwards. In both the US and the UK.

This isn’t a blip like WW1 plus the Spanish flu combo. This is a downwards trend since 2015.

Where’s it going to stop? And what’s happening to our quality of life?

Chronic disease is on the up and up, rising since 2001 by 11% to over half the world’s population, according to WHO. That means you’re more than likely to become ill. Sooner or later.

Previously the increase in chronic disease was blamed on the aging population but now those ideas are diverging.

What may be to blame? How might you escape being a part of those rapidly reversing statistics?

Nourish yourself


Provide yourself with enough nutrients to allow steadfast interaction with your environment.

That honking, stressful, over-dopamined, keep-up-with-the-Jones’, over-fed, under nourished, ring ring, beep beep, oh Christ how do I look in this photo? world we call the present.

A good diet is as much about what you don’t eat as it is about what you do.

In the developed world we’re overfed yet undernourished. Junk has taken over.

This is because we concern ourselves with calories first and believe by maintaining a certain amount below a given number everything is hunky-dory. That’s the excuse we need.

And all the while we miss the real reason we eat, to obtain nutrients.

If you eat nourishing foods -unfashionable or a pain to prepare by today’s standards- the calories will take care of themselves. And, for the most part, so will your health.

3 Foods to throw away forever

Highly Refined Grains

They add little in the way of nutrients. In fact, are so lacking that synthetic vitamins and minerals are added. This is called fortification and has been a necessary step in counteracting nutrient deficiencies in the past.

Who said supplementing vitamins and minerals doesn’t work? Oh God, make your minds up!

So much choice!

So, why go for a highly refined grain like white bread, pasta, when you can go for a different more nutrient-dense type? It’s because you don’t like them isn’t it?

Einkorn, rye, spelt, buckwheat, kamut, and other old fashioned grains made with a sourdough starter rather than modern bakers yeast -more easily digested because the fermentation breaks down those harder to digest properties within grains- and the list goes on, get discovering! Why don’t you try different ones for a change? Go on, get out of that rut!

Or you can remove them completely, there’s no such thing as a gluten deficiency.

Here’s why I don’t like them

A little processing goes a long way

If you’re unwell I would highly recommend you do this or skip cereals all together. Those robustly healthy may well be getting away with it. For now.

Sprouted bread is the only type I eat by the way -v rarely- and unlike the other types, is the only one that doesn’t make me feel unwell.

Added Sugar

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