16 Affirmations for Coping With Grief

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16 Affirmations for Coping With Grief

May these affirmations offer some comfort as you go through the grieving process and strive for deeper meaning.

Sometimes we talk of “managing” grief, and it’s true, there is no shortage of grief management programs, but I find this a rather strange concept. Grief is an emotion so deep, so ever changing, it’s like the ocean—and one cannot manage the ocean. You can encounter the ocean, observe the ocean, respect the ocean, ride on the ocean, even predict—though not always—what the ocean will do. It will overtake. It will recede. So, too, it is with grief. It is a huge and fluid thing.

Dealing with grief and loss is as natural as water is to the planet, a part of life intrinsic to our experience not just as humans but as life forces of any shape. But it’s still wretched, isn’t it? That it’s commonplace doesn’t make our hearts break less. If we’re supported, though, and careful navigators, it is possible to emerge from the ocean of grief with newfound resiliency. May these affirmations offer some comfort as you go through that process and strive for deeper meaning.


  1. I allow myself to feel this fully, to be here.
  2. I let go of my resistance to this situation.
  3. I’ll never be the same person again, yet, that is okay.
  4. I’m surrounded by support, seen and unseen.
  5. I choose to heal my hurt spirit.
  6. I’m not going to hold back.
  7. I can still see the love in the world.
  8. I’m moving through grief, and on to other emotions.
  9. I can hold onto the love, and let go of the grief.
  10. The universe lifts me, supports me, guides me.
  11. I can accept help when it’s offered.
  12. Today, I choose to heal.
  13. I can pay tribute by living my own life in a beautiful way.
  14. I’m so grateful our paths crossed.
  15. I am gentle with myself as I heal.
  16. I focus on my blessings, goals, and memories.

By:  Kathryn Drury Wagner

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