12 Learning Myths Exposed

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Many people come to us searching for the answer to the question, “What’s the right way to learn?” First of all, we want to clarify: there is no right or wrong way to study. Still, we can list quite a few misconceptions regarding how the human brain works and what methods can help you memorize material. These are so widespread that it takes time and effort to recognize how unjustified and misguided they are.


That’s exactly how this article will help you.


On this page, we’ve busted all the myths surrounding your learning abilities. Our team has collected all the popular misconceptions about studying and explored why they are inaccurate. Besides, we’ve provided some practical (and time-tested) study tips for you to try out.


🦄 Top 5 Popular Learning Myths


In an attempt to make studying fun and engaging, people often rely on pseudo-science or questionable recommendations from the Internet. However, some myths about learning are so prevalent in our lives that we hear them everywhere. From middle schools to colleges and even workplaces, the number of people who believe in such misconceptions is very high.



In the sections below, we’ve debunked the most popular learning myths. You can research each case more by following the links or checking out our free college essays.


1. Specific Learning Styles


There is a widespread belief that every person has an individual learning style. Some rely on visual or auditory memory, while others use their reading and writing skills to acquire information. People often believe that they belong to a special learning style and that they need to apply a unique set of memorizing techniques in order to be successful academically.


However, this belief about learning styles is a myth. Researches didn’t find solid evidence to support this theory. Check this study if you aren’t ready to take our words for granted. It shows how the existence of learning styles cannot be scientifically proven. Thus, our cognitive performance does not depend on them.


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