10 Tips For A Perfect Workout

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A flawless body begins with the ultimate workout. These 10 expert tips can help you optimize your training from start to finish.

We don’t want you to misread the word “perfect” in the headline. The way the word is used suggests effort, as in making an effort to perfect each of your workouts. “Not so easy,” you might be thinking, but below, you’ll find 10 expert tips that can instantly improve your training, guaranteed. So start perfecting today!

<p>In order to truly maximize results, strive to reach muscle failure in most of your working sets — this means continuing until you can no longer complete a rep using a full range of motion with good form. Regularly reaching muscular failure is the most efficient way to ensure that you’ve switched on the body’s repair and growth mechanisms so it’s able to meet that same challenge next time. The key to failure is weight selection: If your aim is 10 reps, choose a weight that you can only lift nine to 10 times, max — no more.</p>

<p>Correct nutrition postworkout — a combination of protein and carbs — will feed your muscles and restock your energy stores. As soon as possible after your final rep, drink another protein shake with 15 grams of whey and 15 grams of casein proteins mixed with water. The whey courses through your system quickly, getting amino acids to your muscles immediately, while the casein takes a bit longer to assimilate for extended nutritional support.</p><p>In addition, have 40 to 60 grams of fast-digesting carbs and take another 5 grams each of <a href="">BCAAs</a> and glutamine.</p>

<p>Unless you train at oddball hours, you’re going to have to navigate around others during your workout. Luckily, your options are only as limited as your imagination. Stay flexible and never get caught up in the waiting game for a machine or bench to open. Go into your workouts with a list of alternatives at the ready for every exercise you do — in fact, make sure you’re doing those alternatives on a regular basis, so all are as familiar to you as your tried-and-true faves.</p>

<p>Muscle failure might not be as easy to achieve as you’d expect. Implementing a high-intensity technique can help push you past your preconceived limits and incite change and growth. Here are some of the most effective techniques around. They’re intense, so use them sparingly on just a set or two at the end of a workout.</p><ul><li><strong>Drop Set: </strong>Rep until failure, then decrease the weight and repeat.</li><li><strong>Superset: </strong>Do two exercises for either the same body­part or opposing muscle groups back-to-back without resting in between.</li><li><strong>Tri-set: </strong>Do three exercises for the same bodypart back-to-back without resting in between.</li><li><strong>Giant Set:</strong> Do four or more exercises in a row for the same or complementary bodyparts (e.g., upper body, lower body, etc.) without resting in between.</li><li><strong>Partial Reps:</strong> When you can’t finish another full rep, continue the set with half and/or one-quarter reps.</li><li><strong>Negatives:</strong> Do a slow, controlled eccentric (lowering/extending) contraction of a repetition to work the muscles differently.</li></ul>

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