10 Foods That Cause Bloating

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By Mark Macdonald, ZEN Brand Ambassador & New York Times Best Selling Author

We hear about foods we should avoid, but rarely do we actually know why. The reasons you cut something permanently or temporarily from your nutrition plan do matter.

Many foods cause your body to retain water and trigger inflammation. Eating these types of foods will hinder your ability to lose weight, burn fat and achieve your health goals.

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Top 10 Foods That Cause Bloating

1. Gluten
Gluten is a hot topic and is recognized as one of the biggest bloating and inflammatory ingredients in foods. Gluten is a complex protein that gives bread its elasticity and is extremely hard for your body to digest. It’s typically found in bread products, pastas and cereals. The difficulty with digestion leads to inflammation and bloating. Look for gluten-free labels.


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