10 Affirmations for Releasing Guilt

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Release the guilt and be free.

The word “sin” or “syn” denotes “missing the mark”. Depending on your personal beliefs, guilt can be a strong part of your life and before you know it the subconscious mind is governing your decisions and how you feel. When unresolved feelings go unchecked it can be hard to know where to begin. Maybe it is self-inflicted guilt or perhaps someone else who has placed the blame. What really matters is when you feel ready to work through it know that there is an abundance of personal freedom to be had. It is waiting for you, so let’s begin.

As you state these, read them out loud, feel them within and through you.

  1. I am able to fully feel my feelings
  2. I am at peace with the past
  3. I am full of compassion towards myself
  4. I allow myself to move forward in life
  5. By forgiving myself, I can forgive others
  6. As I forgive, I grow stronger
  7. I hold space for myself in this healing process
  8. What happened in my past has shaped my character in a positive way
  9. I release the stories that make me feel small
  10. I am abundant in light and love

Be soft with yourself, any personal growth can take time and often takes commitment. If you stumble notice it and keep moving forward. Even the small steps are progress. You are supported.


by Lara Ruddy – February 15, 2019

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