Because I Am Human, I Am Enough

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A lesson in the power of love and simple human presence. ♥ On his first night in our small hospice residence, Jake got into an argument with his roommate’s daughter. “Honoring your father” was a lesson that had been drilled into him as a boy in Louisiana....

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Toward a Healthier Closet

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↓ The clothing industry is super wasteful. Here’s how to stop being part of the problem. ↓ I love clothes and I love shopping. So, I was totally guilt-stricken when I learned that textiles are a leading polluter, coming in second only to the oil and gas industry....

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Leg Health Connects to Your Brain

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↓ Want to keep your noggin happy? Pump those legs! Boosting neurological health doesn’t depend solely on doing crossword puzzles and eating walnuts. A new study suggests that in order for neural cells to be produced in the brain, using the legs—especially in weight-bearing exercise—is vitally important. ↓ The...

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