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Your Breath Is Your Super Power

The Secret to Blood Sugar Stabilization

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* PFC Every 3: The Secret to Blood Sugar Stabilization * The secret to permanent weight loss isn’t a magic pill or exercise routine. It’s called “PFC Every 3.” Essentially, it’s eating balanced portions of protein, carbs and fat every three hours. This keeps your blood sugar stabilized,...

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Sorry, But Opposites Do Not Attract

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* Sorry, But Opposites Do Not Attract * A new study shows humans are drawn to people who are similar to them, whether it’s for romance or friendship. * Yin and yang. Night and day. Opposites create sparks; they make for tension—those dynamic conversations between friends, or, that hot sex...

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Yoga for Emotional Trauma

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 *   Yoga for Emotional Trauma * By creating a healing environment for your body through yoga, you can transform emotional trauma into well-being, release suffering, and come home to your body’s natural capacity for health and joy. * Emotional trauma can have a profound and lasting impact on health and...

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