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Exercise Does Not Need to Be Intense For You to Receive Health Benefits

Naturally Fade Acne Marks Using Homemade Masks

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Naturally Fade Acne Marks Using Homemade Masks   The breakouts have stopped but those nasty acne marks just won’t go away. Acne treatment products are often times hard on the pocket. If you don’t have the budget, try these easy homemade masks to naturally fade acne scars. * Baking...

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6 Signs of Depression

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6 Signs of Depression Depression is a silent disorder. It is not a simple “I am sad” feeling but is the feeling of extreme sadness which affects much on what we feel, think, act and handle daily activities. * In a report by the World Health Organization, suicide...

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Surviving Infidelity

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* Surviving Infidelity It seems no relationship is safe from the potential of infidelity, whether a private relationship or a public one. Statistics show that somewhere between 30-60% of individuals stray at some point during in their marriage, although exact statistics are challenging due to the secretive...

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PROBLEM-SOLVING 101: SOLVE THE PROBLEM BEFORE THE PROBLEM * Do you know the number-one mistake most people make when encountering a problem? They don’t solve the problem before the problem. Now, you may be asking yourself, What’s John talking about? How can there be a problem before my problem?...

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