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8 Ways Humor Hurts Relationships

Sleep 101: Everything You Need to Know About REM Sleep

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This article was initially published at and is republished with permission given by Utzy Naturals. ↓ Last week I was in Boston attending my annual sleep conference (and visiting Fenway). Every year, the top sleep scientists of the world gather to discuss recent discoveries in the world of sleep, with...

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The Omega-3 Paradox

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♠ How We Became Deficient in the Most Abundant Fat on the Planet ↓ Have you ever wondered why Americans—who, like all humans, evolved on the savannas of Africa—are now being advised to consume fish twice a week? ↓ This would boost our consumption of omega-3s, of course—essential fats that...

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7 Tips to Turn Your Bedroom Into Your Sleep Sanctuary

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7 Tips to Turn Your Bedroom Into Your Sleep Sanctuary How to create the ideal dream environment The beginning and end to a successful day is a good night’s sleep. Getting six to eight hours of quality REM sleep improves job performance (and athletic performance), but the National Sleep Foundation...

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