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Take It or Leave It: 5 Affirmations for letting go

4 Healthy Hobbies To Try During Addiction Recovery

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↓ 4 Healthy Hobbies To Try During Addiction Recovery Overcoming addiction may not be easy, but there are things you can do to make the process smoother.  ↓ Positive habits create mental boost Learning to distract yourself is an important tool in dealing with mental health problems. Recovery from addiction...

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VIDEO: Easy Vegan Macaroon Recipe

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[embed][/embed] ↓ Hankering for a sweet treat? If you love healthy desserts, watch this episode, where our resident Vegan Chef Michael shows you a super tasty and easy 5-ingredient raw vegan (and gluten-free!) macaroon recipe. Voilà!    This post was first published on Conscious Living TV. ...

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A Secret Weapon: Being Intellectually Humble

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↓ A Secret Weapon: Being Intellectually Humble A little-studied characteristic boots tolerance and aids in decision making. ↓ We’ve got brashness to spare these days. Ego in truckloads. Hot sales on hostility. A personality trait called “intellectual humility” sure could come in handy during times of high partisanship, say the...

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